• Change filter and engine oil regularly: The air filter cleans the outside air for fuel combustion inside your truck engine. It needs to be cleaned and replaced routinely for proper engine functioning. Similarly, engine oil gets contaminated with various contaminants which in turn reduces engine performance. Changing the engine oil on a routine basis ensures a smooth engine and better performance. 
  • Tire rotation: It is a good practice to rotate the tires regularly. This evens out the wear pattern of the tire threads increasing their life and your profits. Rotate the tire as per your vehicle manual or consult your nearest truck garage. RCS Fleet Services, Bealeton, Virginia specializes in truck repair and maintenance. You can know more about our services by visiting here.

  • Inspect truck body: You must inspect your truck body regularly to find out any issues which may otherwise escalate to bigger problems in the future. Lookout for dents and scrapings in the body paint. Deal with them immediately. Wash the trucks every week or so to clean it of contaminants that may eat into the paint. Lubricate the door locks and joints to keep them away from moisture. 

  • Check for brake pad wear and tear: Check your brake pads for any signs of wear and tear and replace them as soon as it is required. Also, change the brake pins, springs and bushings while replacing the brake pads for optimal performance. 

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Trucks are the lifeline to freight carriers. They ferry cargo and goods from the source to the customer and having the ability to load and unload almost anywhere. These vehicles are of various types and require special care and maintenance during their service life. We at RCS Fleet Services, Bealeton, Virginia are experts of truck repair and servicing. We work on all types of models to make your truck road-ready in no time. For more details, visit us here.

As a truck owner, you can follow certain guidelines to ensure the longevity of your truck life. These small steps go a long way in increasing your truck’s lifespan maximizing your profits. We list below a few such points:

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